My photography challenge for the month of August (set by the group I belong to) was to photograph the animals in our lives. This is Kwila. She is a stunning 8 year old Husky X Hunterway, and a much loved family pet.

It is interesting that this week everyone is up in arms about a family eating their dog. I find this bizarre how we all get so upset over one dog. When we, as a country, may be about to pass a law making live exports possible to certain countries. Thousands of sheep suffer and hundreds die, and if they do make it to their destination their destinies are out of our control. They end up in countries where their deaths are cruel and terrifying. So due to our human conditioning we are all talking about this ONE DOG while allowing such suffering to pass under our noses of hundreds and thousands of sheep.

Well, there you have it. I wasnt going to use my blog as a soap box, but it had to be said. Please click on Kwila to view the large version. She is a lovely creature.

Enjoy! Nykie


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