Why do photographers "hold back" their image files..?

When I started out I loved to hand over all my high resolution
files to my clients. It felt like I was giving my clients that edge.
Other photographers, I thought back then, were holding back
on their stuff and were “all about the money”

I have since learned, I was
VERY wrong.

Yes, I will still give you files if you prefer, but I would like to
explain why I prefer for you to buy a print or should I say a
piece of finished art. Let me explain... I am lucky enough to
be able to explain this to you, my customer, because it

has only been recently that I have had this shift in perspective
and so I understand
how it feels to be the client, and I now
understand the photographers side of things. I have to add
at this point however, that this is by no means an
“Us & Them” situation.

We are working together to get you the best product possible.
You see if I take your photo and post process it to the highest
possible standards, I will then get it printed at a professional
photographers print company using the best papers, and the
best printing methods.

I have my monitors calibrated to this company to ensure the
best possible colour renderings. This gives me control all right,
but It’s not control over money!.... ....it is control over giving
my clients the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME to their photography
session. I hand over the complete finished product.

Imagine commissioning someone to do a painting for you and
they hand over
a canvas with just the outlines and say
“Here you go, you can do the colouring in”

... It’s just not cricket is it! When a photo is true to colour and
printed properly it
captures people.

When looking at a beautifully printed photo I tend to gaze at it
and almost go into a
soft-focus trance.

You will know it when you see it too,
this is not a
pleasure reserved only for us photographers

By Nykola Grove-Eades

© Nykola Grove-Eades & Mistral Photography
All Rights Reserved


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