Learning Photography {by} an Auckland Portrait Photographer

Hi Everyone!

I felt compelled to share with you all lots of things going on so you can get access to learning about your lovely cameras. If you have purchased a DSLR, take the darn thing off Auto! Do it now.. and never switch back :)

I keep in touch with a lot of photographers about the place, and so I get the word when anything is happening...

1. If you are in Auckland you should check out the Fast Track Photographers Group This has only just started up. The whole aim is for people of all different levels to get together in a non-threatening and "For Each Other" environment and share your strengths, and gain knowledge so you can improve on your weaknesses... check it out. The goal is to keep it all FREE ;)

2. Nationwide, you can check out Flickr. There is an AWESOME group of photographer who have formed a group NZFM (NZ Flickr Meet Ups). The people in this group are alllll different kinds of photographers. Portraiture, Landscape, Pro's, Hobbyist, Experts, Beginners, Fine Artists... all sorts. Meet ups are organised quite often... it's super casual.. you just hang out... take photos, and yarn the time away about photography... or anything else if you wanna! I have made some awesome friends from this group and I look forward to a long future hanging out with these wonderful peeps.

Here is a list of things that I have done since turning my camera onto manual (or Aperture Priorty... meep) two years ago....

Night School! Cheap, Fun, Easy

Photographer Work Shops.
I did all of Lisa Crandalls.. and she is still running them...

You Tube! Its brill!...
My favourite channels are
Dom Bower (he is so cute)
and Bert Stephani's "Confessions of A Photographer" series...

- Hang out with photographers! talk talk talk.
- Ask questions.
- Read books
- Read blogs

I will leave it at that for now.

I would like to do some casual meet ups with people from my Facebook Page Soon....
Email me
if you are interested.

Until then!

START HERE BY WATCHING THIS VID from Adorama! About the fundamentals of exposure called "The Exposure Triangle"... get in there!!

Take Care
Nykie Noo

ooh, and another thing.... Sam Mothersole is going to be doing M.O.M Workshops soon.. check it out...


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